Bodywrap Consultant Home Business Success Tips

Gone are the days of Tupperware parties and applying make up or selling Kitchen knives. We are living in a time where people are over weight and are in serious need of losing inches fast. Not everyone can afford liposuction, lapband surgery, or a personal trainer. This is precisely why the bodywrap business is growing! The start up cost is affordable and it doesn’t require any special skills or hard sales pitches. The most fascinating part of this business is there is no waiting for checks you can get paid immediately, cash in hand.

You only need to do 3 things to be successful as a bodywrap Consultant.

1. Share what you have to offer. When you become a consultant your kit includes “blitz cards”. These are marketing materials designed especially to intrigue and peak the interest of the people you share them with. Your aim is not to sell but to simply “show and tell” people what you have to offer. Your “blitz cards” in actual fact do all the selling for you. There are many ways to get your marketing materials in the hands of interested people and your getting started kit consists of all of those vital details.

2. Be ready, willing, and skilled to assist people. You will receive calls and people will want to reserve parties or appointments with you. You have to be geared up to answer these calls and in a position to both set and keep these appointments. This means you will surely have to make yourself available and you will have to keep enough materials on hand to supply the demand.

In this business you have got to be able to assist people right when they are ready because otherwise they will locate someone else to do what you can’t. Follow up and follow through!

When you find yourself in high demand, it’s also a great idea to share your leads with your team so as not to lose possible loyal customers and to grow the team. Additionally, it is critical that you educate yourself about the product and complete all of the training provided upon becoming a consultant.

3. Seek out 3 people to copy what you do. cultivating a team of like minded people will make or break your success in this business. A large part of your job will be to discover and develop new consultants. The only way that your business will grow is if you help at least 3 people grow their business. The seeds you plant with the 3 people you decide to join forces with are extremely important and they will produce a harvest based on your nurturing and leadership.

The remarkable thing about being a bodywrap consultant is once you put the product on people the word will spread. If you host a party and just 2 people get excited about their results, how many people do you think they will tell? Word of mouth is king with this product. If you concentrate on getting the bodywraps on bodies everything else will fall into place! You will have tons of opportunities to make a steady income.