How to Generate Exclusive MCA Leads for Your Business

If you are in the funding business and looking to do something with merchant cash advances, exclusive MCA leads are the first priority for you. In Merchant Cash Advance, leads are the prospects; interested business owners and merchants who are looking for funds. They have a common characteristic. Most of them possess a low credit score, what we also call the FICO score, and therefore, can’t approach for traditional loans.

Banks require a score of 700 or more, with a bulk of paperwork and a minimum of a month’s process. These merchants eventually opt for alternative loan systems and MCA is possibly the best solution in this case.

So how to generate the best MCA leads? There are ways online and the tools that we are provided with; can offer exclusive leads to grow your funding business. The digital world is getting competitive and generating leads is challenging now more than ever. Here are some of the effective methods I found useful to acquire merchant cash advance leads in recent times.

Cold Calling

You may be raising your eyebrow, but the fact is, Cold Calling is still one of the effective methods to generate business leads. It is also a cost-effective one as well. The straightforward approach of cold calling makes it easier to reach potential clients and possibly to land a sale.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be the best effective solution as a long term marketing strategy. If you have a website for your funding business (which you should), you can optimize and rank keywords related to your business. Good SEO can basically make people search for you and bring them to your business website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the trending marketing tool for any businesses and MCA is no different. Engaging posts, discussions with targeted marketing can draw huge audiences from social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Be sure to create a profile in each of them and stay active with your organizational activities. Sooner than later, people will be looking at your profile and eventually, your business. But remember, Do Not Spam.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be really effective if you can manage to be convincing enough with your offers. A right database of prospects will give you names and emails of business owners who have the potential to convert into customers. You can send a default email message to every one of them and if you know what you’re doing, there’s a great chance you’ll hear back.

Google AdWords

A bit costly, but Google AdWords can promise you with exclusive MCA leads. It is a popular method to generate leads for any kind of businesses and Merchant Cash Advance is one of them. It’s simple, you pay Google to show your company ads to random website visitors. Huge traffic can easily be generated through Google AdWords.

Lead Generator Services

Last but not least, generating MCA leads on your own can be tiresome and more than oftentimes, results in failure if applied incorrectly or if you have a lack of dedication. Lead generator services can help with this cause. A reliable lead generator will supply you with fresh and qualified leads filtered from an updated database. They constantly evolve their methods of MCA Lead Generation and provide follow up services to their customers.

Apply these methods and consider taking assistance from lead generation companies alongside. With the right strategy and given time, your business will have a consistent leads flow regularly.